This course is suitable for entrepreneurs who do not have accounting or financial management skills.

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The course are designed with the industry needs in mind.

Finance Matters

This is the case study of a business owner (Mr Blogs) who walked a business journey without practical and hands on financial management skills, and he made costly mistakes that hindered the growth of his business. The case study illustrates the conceptual and understanding problem faced by many entrepreneurs and it highlights their shortfall.

Financial Responsibility

This course covers the step by step of keeping financial records (i.e. documents and tax information) required by accountants, when they prepare financial statements as well as the importance of separating personal and business finances.

Understanding Financial reports, Cash & Costs

Understanding Financial reports, cash and costs, equip an entrepreneur with the skills of interpreting financial reports prepared by accountants, be able to plan cash by knowing cash flow cycle of the business, as well as basic costing and pricing of products and services.

Getting ready for funding

This course covers the information that funders look for when lending money to a business, and how they evaluate business books in order to determine whether the business will be able to pay the money back with interest.