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Certificate: Level 5 Accounting Technician

Bookkeepers perform general accounting duties. They maintain complete sets of financial records, keep track of accounts, and verify the accuracy of procedures used for recording financial transactions.

The level 5 qualification is the third level of the AT SA Accounting Qualification and covers higher level accounting tasks, including drafting financial statements, managing budgets and evaluating financial performance.

You’ll also have the opportunity to specialise in areas from tax to auditing and credit control.

Entry Requirements
You need to have successfully shown competency on AT (SA) level 4 qualification.

The programme covers

  • Module 1: Financial Statements
    In this module learners are expected to understand the regulatory frame that underpins financial reporting, draft statutory financial statements for a limited company, provide analysis and interpretation of financial statements using ratio analysis.
  • Module 2: Budgeting
    In this module learners must demonstrate an understanding of the internal and external business factors that affects budgets, prepare forecasts and understand the impact that changes in the economic environment will have on the budget.
  • Module 3: Financial performance
    In this module learners must demonstrate an accurate understanding of the internal and external factors that affect organisations, as well as the techniques necessary for measuring performance and managing costs.
  • Module 4: Internal Control and Accounting Systems
    In this module learners should be able to understand the importance and use of internal control systems, be able to identify and use the appropriate accounting system to meet specific organizational requirements and evaluate the accounting system currently used by the business.
  • Module 5: Personal Tax
    In this module learners should be able to demonstrate an understanding of legislations and procedures relating to personal tax, calculate accurately tax payable on income and prepare accurate computations of income tax.
  • Module 6: Business Tax
    In this module learners should be able to correctly calculate and complete business tax returns with all supporting computations for incorporated businesses.

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